Omniscience Institute

Omniscience institute in Baroda, Gujarat based coaching center providing coaching from 8th to 12th grade students. The founders, Utpal Sharma and Rishabh Sharma, a duo brothers, have a vision to provide quality education through carefully designed courses. Their ambition is to spread humanity and nationalism to students through their teaching and moral principals.
Problems, they had
For Sharma brothers, one of their key goals is to use Information Technology to make their institute best in Baroda city. This can not be achieved if one uses manual processes, registers and excel sheets for managing student and teacher records, classes and schedules etc. Their belief is that technology should be used to make these processes efficient so that teachers and management can focus on their core expertise, which is teaching.
Solutions, we provided
Sharma brothers saw a huge potential in Classpie. In the first phase, it is rolled out to 100 students. All of their information and communication is now managed through Classpie. Any notifications on upcoming exams, activities are sent to all parents using message broadcasting. Fees management has become complete peace of mind as the management can clearly see individual fees related transactions, pending payments and total fees collected. Inspired by this initial success, Sharma brothers went further and proposed us to structure,
  1. Teacher feedback system
  2. Online discussion forum
Both of these systems were built in a matter of two weeks. Teacher feedback system allows students to submit feedback on teachers based on fixed questions which can be managed and updated by Admin. Online discussion forums allows teachers and management to post different topics online where students can comment and discuss their ideas. Both of these systems combined with Classpie has become a key catalyst in IT transformation at Omniscience.
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