Saraswati Medical and Education Trust

In 2005, two schools were founded by Saraswati Education & Medical Trust (1) Shri B. M. Patel Global English Medium School (2) Shri R. A. Patel Gyanjyot Gujarati Medium School. The KG Section was started in 2005, as years passed by it has grown to accommodate children from all walks of life. Today, it has 2500 students enrolled from KG to 12th standard.
Problems, they had
Records for approx 2500 students and other teaching and non-teaching staff were maintained manually. With this approach, filtering student information and updating it becomes rather difficult. Also questions arose as to how to recover those had you loose data in a computer crash or breakdown? This manual way is not only time consuming but insecure as well. Also telephonic conversation and in person campus visits were the only ways if parents have any query for school administration or teachers. In person visit sounds too much for parents for small matters.
Solutions, we provided
Classpie provided cloud based software solution that allowed Saraswati Trust to get rid of excel files and registers. Now all of their information is accessed and updated through Classpie software and stored securely on cloud which gets back-up regularly. Filtering and searching student records is extremely easy. School administration can broadcast a message to all parents through our messaging system with just a few clicks. Parents can also easily connect to school teachers and management through mobile app which saves them telephonic conversations or campus visits. Student's attendance, scores, upcoming activities, food calendar all of this is easily available on mobile app. A software for salary and leave management of 200 plus staff was offered as a compliment for using Classpie. Saraswati Trust is Classpie's first and long standing client who is using following other services offered by Infobizzs Services Pvt Ltd.
  • Dynamic feature rich website for the school
  • Salary calculation software
  • Student activity data collection software
  • Digital and social media marketing
  • SMS gateway
  • Domain management and hosting
Service Provided
  • Technology
  • App
    Hybrid HTML App
  • Skill level
  • Language
  • Location
    Borsad, Gujarat
  • Students