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Messaging System

Classpie messaging system offers a better alternative to parents and teachers for traditional ways of communication such as telephonic conversation or on campus visit. When management wants to notify parents of upcoming activity such as exams or a sports day, they will just broadcast a message to all parents. Similarly, parents can also send inquires and discuss concerns through Classpie mobile app.

  • Send message to parents/students of entire batch or course

  • Parents can save a trip to campus by using mobile app's messaging functionality

  • Send SMS or notify through Classpie mobile app

Insightful Reports


Powerful Dashboard

Dashboard offers quick graphical preview of what's going on in your institute. On dashboard you can see total number of students, courses and materials. View a bar chart of male to female ratio in each of the departments or a pie chart by student quota (OBC, ST, Open etc). This is the first screen management want to see to start their day.
  • Customizable dashboard where you can configure what you want to see

  • Rich graphical view with different charts and tables

  • Offers a quick view of your teaching institute statistics

  • Extremely useful for management

Smart Attendance

Cloud Hosting

All information about your organization is stored on secure cloud which means you can access it anywhere anytime

Role Based Access

Access is controlled based on role. While admin can broadcast message to all parents, a parent or teacher doesn't have same access to broadcast to everyone

Bulk Upload

Using bulk upload, admin can upload students or teachers data from excel file to Classpie system. This is especially useful for new institute onboarding Classpie

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