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The whole world is suffering adversely from COVID-19 and all the major sectors have a huge impact because of this pandemic. The education sector is one of them and needs immediate attention to get out of this adverse situation. Education is an essential part of every student’s life and it should not get disturbed as the stakes are too high as it is about the future of the young generation. Education is not only necessary for a career but time has proven that educated people are the community who are still in a good mental state as they know that “This time will be gone someday”.

The central government has declared lockdown in the country therefore schools, colleges, coaching classes are not functioning. Every education sector is trying to provide online classes through various applications such as Zoom Video Application. The government has recently announced an advisory to uninstall these apps as it has some safety issues and we should not take it lightly. Many institutes are creating video lectures and sending them through WhatsApp to students so that their studies will not get affected. But these all ways are not efficient and it is very difficult to manage the whole teaching and learning process by these means.

The problem is also not just related to classes, there are plenty of problems arising in the whole process. If any institution wants to convey any message to all the students of all the grades then they have to send SMS or WhatsApp messages to individual groups. Using WhatsApp for such regular communication is not advisable as it has some limitations, time-consuming, concern of data accessibility, etc. Hence it is not a good approach but there are no other means to accomplish the requirement.

digital solution for education system

As an institution having a common ground of learning and teaching, they all are finding a common solution to help the students and continue their support though students are at home. We still don’t know how much time it will take to recover from the current pandemic or when this lockdown will be over. Whatever may be the situation it is important to consider that, students must not get affected. There are ways to bridge this gap and we are trying to be a part of this bridge.

We analyzed this problem and understood the need for the market. As a responsible citizen of the country, it's our core duty to support the nation. You are helping an education institution means you are helping the nation. We have developed an application named “Classpie” where we developed some features like Live Classes, Online assignment, Study Material, Noticeboard, Academic, useful Links, etc. We are also working on some more important features like Online Exam (MCQ), Results, Fees Management, etc.

online Exam (MCQ), Results, Fees Management

Apart from that, we are doing immense research on the education sector by meeting different schools, colleges, and institutes to gather knowledge. Hence, we can get the scope of our concept called ‘Performance Metrics”. The purpose of this concept is to evaluate students’ overall performance rather than justifying them just based on the scorecard. Our main aim is to reach towards every peer of education, building a gigantic education network and create a platform where students will get maximum information. They can also reach out to various activities through his portal. Our vision is to empower education through the help of technology and we are pretty much confident to do so.

Conclusion: Class pie is a very useful educational platform having an admin panel and mobile app useful for any educational institute like school, college, coaching classes, etc. Anyone who is in the teaching sectors can use the class pie such as IELTS. IELTS coaching classes can also provide online education to their students through the class pie.