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Education management system, as the name suggests involves the management of all the processes that are performed inside an Educational Organization.

This includes the management of the sectors like – Administration, Classes, Teacher’s data, Student’s Data and the data that is to be represented to the parents in the form of regular reports.

Unlike the conventional system where all the records were manually maintained in the ‘hard – copy’ format, Classpie is here to digitalize all the records and along with that, Classpie also creates an efficient mode of communication between parents and teachers, teachers and administration and also between teachers and their students.

Classpie is a school management system that takes care of everything! It ensures that parents and students are kept updated about the progress made by the student in the class and also allows parents to interact effectively with the teachers and in turn with the school. The top ten benefits of a School management system are listed as follows:

Classpie ERP Ease of access 1. Ease of access:

Rather than going through lengthy documents to search for specific information, it is better to adopt the smart School Management System.

Since everybody has access to the Internet, Smartphones / Computers, it is better to handle all the working and interaction of an Educational system through a School Management software.

2. Better productivity:

Wastage of time is significantly reduced with the help of a Smart School Management System. All the processes are handled in a single click and transfer of data is also handled efficiently.

The communication process and data sharing is made seamless. The school staff can now work on other important tasks in the time that the School Management System saves.

3. Effective and transparent communication:

Since this Education management system follows strict protocols that provide transparency in the working of the Educational Institute, it is the best way to avoid any discrepancies in the management process of all the sectors.

It creates a proper chain if communication inside the Educational Institute and in between the staff and the parents.

Classpie ERP Reduces workload 4. Reduces workload:

The school management system takes care of almost all the tasks that were performed redundantly by the staff members and thus it reduces the workload on the staff.

It handles the assignment distribution, the report generation, and the query handling along with various accountancy related tasks.

This is one-time-stop for all the predefined tasks that an Educational system performs.

5. Parents know everything:

The School Management system focusses on helping the parents raise extraordinary kids. This system provides all the required notifications regarding the child’s attendance, his/her performance, behavior and the assignments allotted in class.

Everything is made available online so there is not gap in communication between the school and the parents.

6. Increase in enrolment:

Once a school adopts this effective School Management system, enrolments are bound to increase.

This system creates a healthy and transparent environment for both the kids and the parents who want their kid to succeed through hard work and dedication.

This system makes a school capable of effectively focusing on imparting knowledge rather than working on the redundant tasks that the Educational Management system handles.

Classpie ERP Online access to study material 7. Online access to study material:

In case a student lags behind in his studies and need guidance, the School Management system is here to help him/her get back on track!

Instead of arranging for repetitive ‘extra-classes’ for students, online material is a better way to give the child all the necessary information related to the curriculum along with extra – curricular knowledge as well.

8. Access from anywhere:

Parents can access their child’s data from anywhere by simply logging into their account. Their account can be accessed on their smartphone as well.

All they need is an internet connection to get their child’s information from the School Management System.

9. Secure and efficient data storage and management:

All the data is securely stored under one single software. Different authorities are assigned different data manipulation and data access rights.

This software stores data securely and all the data can be accessed via authorized parties through their assigned account.

Classpie ERP Saves resources 10. Saves resources:

This education management system is completely paper-free and thus helps us save the environment. Along with saving paper and resources used for printing the pages, this system also reduces the dependency on Human Resources for conveying the data.