Core Modules
for your teaching institute

Live Video Classes

Live Video Classes

Classpie will provide you a facility where teachers can conduct live video classes through our app. Which is very safe and secure.


Assignments and Materials

Teachers can add assignments and materials for students in pdf, word, image format. Same content is available for all users to download.

Student Enrolment

Student Enrolment and Information Tracking

Enroll new students. Add or update student's information such as address, parent details.

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendars and Notice Board

Create academic calendars and notice board. Add important news in the notice board.


Exams (Upcoming Feature)

Teachers and admin can create exams and upload marks. All users can see exam results in web panel or mobile app.

Fees Management

Fees Management (Upcoming Feature)

Track paid/unpaid fees. Create fees schedule. Manage fees payments.

Email And SMS

Our email and SMS system connects parents, teachers and administrators. Admin can send emails and SMS to all parents and students about their login credentials. We are also planning to develop internal communication platform.
SMS Login Credentials

Send Messages To Parents And Students Of Their Login Credentials

Send SMS OR Notifications

Send SMS OR Notifications On App Regarding Events Like Exams and Results, Fees Update, Event, etc. (Upcoming Feature)



The dashboard offers a quick graphical preview of what’s going on in your institute.

On the dashboard, you can see the total number of students, courses, and materials. View a bar chart of male to female ratio in each of the departments or a pie chart by student quota (OBC, ST, Open, etc).

This is the first screen management want to see to start their day.

Customizable dashboard

Customizable dashboard where you can configure what you want to see

Institute statistics

Offers a quick view of your teaching institute statistics

Rich graphical view

Rich graphical view with different charts and tables

useful for management-01

Extremely useful for management


Insightful Reports
(Upcoming Feature)


Reports for exams, fees, students, courses and much more

Classpie offers pre-defined list of reports on majority of modules such as exams, students, courses, teachers etc. One can also write custom query to generate almost any kind of report.

Download reports in excel

Download reports in excel or pdf format

Download reports in popular formats such as pdf and excel. While excel allows to perform further analytics on your institute's data, pdf can be great for general reporting and presentations.

institute activities

Get deeper insights into your institute activities

Reports generated on classpie platform can help in improving current processes as well as devising future strategy for the success of your institute.

Smart Attendance
(Upcoming Feature)

Smart Attendance

Smart attendance

Badges with RFID chip replaces the manual way of taking attendances. Attendance is detected as students enter and exit premises of teaching institute.

SMS Notifications

SMS Notifications

Automatic notifications are sent out to parents as student enter or exit institute premise. Notification is also sent if student is not present before certain time.

Realtime attendance

Realtime attendance

Technology helps avoid human errors in attendance tracking. Also, attendance is accessible in real-time on web panel and mobile application.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

All information about your organization is stored on a fast, and secure cloud hosting which means you can access it anywhere anytime without any downtime

Role Based Accessa

Role Based Access

Access is controlled based on role. While admin can broadcast message to all parents, a parent or teacher doesn't have same access to broadcast to everyone

Bulk Upload

Bulk Upload

Using bulk upload, admin can upload students or teachers data from excel file to Classpie system. This is especially useful for new institute onboarding Classpie